8 Ways I’m Going Green in 2018

I’m going a different route with New Years resolutions this year.  I feel like most years New Years resolutions have to do with what you do to your body.  They are very self-centered.  This year, I’m thinking outside of my best interest, and working on consuming less.

In the past few months, I’ve really become interested in and motivated by the slow fashion movement – investing in fashion that is environmentally friendly, ethically made, and is meant to last a while, meaning you will wear it more and throw out less, ultimately reducing waste and spending.  I’ve sold and am continuing to sell my less worn (sometimes not even worn at all!) clothing on Poshmark – this way they don’t go to waste in a dump and a feel a little better about letting go of some barely worn pieces that I spend a lot of money on.

Reflecting on this idea of throwing out less, I started thinking about how much trash I throw out, and I genuinely feel guilty.  I like to think of myself as a progressive, hippie type, but then I don’t really act on it besides recycling (when its convenient).  Its going to take a lot more research, but I thought about the things I use most, and thought about different ways to reduce their waste (and in many cases, reduce spending).  Here are 8 ways I’ve been able to identify that will make my waste production less:

  1. Lets start with the obvious: actually use those grocery bags that I bought for grocery shopping!
  2. Likewise, use the travel coffee mug that I own instead of filling up paper coffee cups at work.
  3. Buy less clothing.  I’ve been working on this one for a while, but its a big one for me.  I’m working to buy less clothing.  If I do need something, I’ll look for used clothing on Poshmark, or look towards one of the many ethical/eco clothing companies out there.
  4. Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets to reduce static & wrinkles.
  5. We dump our coffee into a nice container as soon as we unpack it from the grocery bag, so the packaging doesn’t serve us much purpose.  It makes more sense for us to buy coffee beans in bulk and use a refillable bag.
  6. Start a worm farm.  I know, this one may sound gross to you.  But since we started getting our CSA, we eat a lot more veggies now and create a lot more organic waste. I felt guilty throwing out all those veggie scraps, so I started looking into composting.  I don’t really want to have to drag a box of compost over to wherever the closest one is to me, so I would rather have a compost worm farm so that I can use the soil and worm tea for my own plants.  Also yes, I said worm tea.  Yummy!
  7. Don’t order online if I can buy it in the store to save on packaging/ save ordering boxes so that I can re-use as Poshmark shipping boxes or worm food.
  8. Think about investing in a bread maker.  I’ve seen a couple good bread makers online for around 50 dollars.  This will both reduce the packaging that we throw out  from the bread we buy, but it will also save us money.  My husband has Celiac Disease, so we have to buy gluten free bread that runs us $5-6 a loaf.  We can make our own gluten free bread with the right recipe.


I’ll have to let y’all know how the worm farm goes!  How are you going green this year?



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