Introduction: 10 Things About Me

So I’m in the third year of keeping up (more or less) with this blog, and things sure have changed!  When I first started, I was a stressed out grad student in small town NC with no idea where I was going in life.  Now I’m a working, married lady living in California.  Who knew.  Either way, I thought I would re-introduce myself to those new followers 🙂

  1. I have an MS in exercise physiology with a concentration in clinical populations, and chronic disease management and prevention.  That means I’m not here to tell you how much to lift to get big, nor am I going to tell you how to lose weight fast.  I’m here to tell you how to live a long, fit, and minimally medicated lifestyle.
  2. I’m a moderate endurance junkie.  I’m currently training for a half-iron distance triathlon this September in Santa Cruz.  I also love half marathons, and have a few marathons under my belt.  If you continue following me, you’ll get reviews of all the races I’ve done.
  3. This blog is completely recreational for me.  That means all posts are original and mine.  I’m not sponsored, so the things that I love are things I actually use, and my rants are all backed by experience and academic research.
  4. I’m obsessed with my dogs.  I have two: a german/aussie mutt and a miniature dachshund.  They are best friends.
  5. I love posting on Instagram.  Its my own little photo album of my life.  When I’m feeling down, I just scroll through all my photos.  Follow me here, and I’d love to follow you back!
  6. I made a big move from the mountains of North Carolina to Silicon Valley in California for a job.  I’ve been here for almost 2 years now, and to be honest I’m still not entirely used to it, and often feel homesick for NC.
  7. I’m a cryer.  If I’m excited, I’m crying.  Sad? I’m crying.  Mad? Yup, crying.  The featured photo up there of me at the Grand Canyon?  My nose is red because behind those sun glasses, I was so excited to be there that I was crying.
  8. I don’t follow a specific diet.  I try to eat as little processed food as possible, but I have a soft spot for chocolate, wine, and ice cream.  My husband has celiac disease, so most of what we eat is gluten free.
  9. I got married this year!  We had a destination wedding in June.  It was so easy to plan and we had a blast.  I’m still in the honeymoon stage, and am more than happy to talk wedding stuff with you!
  10. I love when people ask me about health and fitness.  As a fitness professional, I feel like people are afraid to ask me things because they don’t want me to feel like I’m at “work” when I’m with them.  But to be honest I really like talking about it, thats why I pursued it.  Ask me anything 🙂

Tell me about yourself.



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