My Favorite Things: July

Its been a while!  You’ll notice a heavy workout gear trend this month, and that is because I am getting ready for my second half ironman this year in Santa Cruz.   Here are five things I have been loving lately and have been a huge help in my training and racing.

  1. S’well Water Bottle
    I have a plain black one.  When I did beach side yoga in San Diego a couple weeks ago, the outside of this bottle was hot to the touch.  I was certain that the water inside was going to be unrefreshingly hot as well, but I was wrong.  Not only was the water still cold, there was still ICE in it from dropping a few cubes in that morning!  My water stayed cold pretty much the rest of the day at the beach.  I was impressed.
  2. Qalo ring
    Hi I just got married and feel the need to tell everyone!  Sorry not sorry.  I also exercise a lot, like long distance running, biking, swimming a lot.  I would hate to lose the ring that my husband custom made for me, or smash it like I almost did a couple months ago when I crashed my bike.  Qaloring lets me keep a ring on my finger without worrying that I’m going to lose it or break it.  It stayed on during my whole half ironman triathlon in May even!  They come in lots of cool colors and designs, so definitely check them out.
  3. Goodr Sunglasses
    So my friend had these cute sunglasses that miraculously didn’t bounce on her face while she ran.  Not only that, but they were lightweight, and polarized, AND only 20 bucks!  I immediately bought some and haven’t worn anything else.  Every single person who has tried on my pair instantly orders some of their own.  I have the bright pink and blue ones.  Finally, running sunglasses that don’t look like running sunglasses!
  4. Coeur Sports Athletic Wear
    I’ve been doing triathlons for going on 8 years now, and this is a great time to be in the sport because women are finally getting stylish, functional things!  Coeur makes triathlon, cycling, and swimming apparel.  I have a triathlon top/shorts set from Coeur Sports and it is so comfortable.  I wear the top as a normal tank top.  Another thing that blew me away was the quality of the materials they use.  My tri suit is black, and I’ve worn it in two half ironmans now, one with an ocean swim, one with a freshwater swim, both very hot runs, and the fabric doesn’t show the crystallizing salt (if you’ve done one of these, you know what I’m talking about).  It looks just as good wet and salty as it does when its clean and dry.
  5. Defeet Socks  
    I love socks, especially fun socks.  I don’t know what it is, but new cycling socks are what make me wanna ride my bike on those days when I don’t feel like it.  My favorites right now are these DeFeet sprinkle socks from Ten Speed Hero. Defeet is well known in the cycling world and should be better known to the general public because they are stylish (you can wear them with dress shoes gentlemen) and wicking.  And they have lots of fun patterns!


Whats your favorite training gear these days?



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