I Went There: A Weekend In San Diego

So I don’t have enough money to drop everything and be a travel blogger (unfortunately), but I DO have friends in cool places.  One of these places is San Diego, where my friend Jessica is a resident MD – casual.  In the event that you too are going to San Diego for a weekend (which, I highly recommend), then here would be a semi-local’s perspective!


I flew in late Friday night just so we would have all day Saturday together.  First thing we did was wake up, eat a quick breakfast, and head on over to Pacific Beach for a morning yoga class.  This class is FREE (but donations are appreciated).  It is put on by this yoga instructor nicknamed NamaSteve, and it is SO good!  He makes yoga fun, and its a good workout.  Apparently Saturday mornings are the tougher class, and Sundays are the more relaxing class.  It starts at 10 a little ways down from Crystal Pier (you will see at least 100 people on a hillside overlooking the ocean rolling out their yoga mats for this.

We were going to get a bigger breakfast after yoga, but it was so hot and sunny that we opted for something lighter instead.  We walked down from where yoga was to Kono’s Coffee, which not only has really good coffee, but they do smoothies too.  After that we sat on the beach for another hour or so, soaking in the sun.

IMG_5372After the beach, we did a little shopping, made dinner at home, and then we were going out for the night.  So I’ve been to San Diego three times now, and every time I only go to one bar: Shout House.  It is a dueling piano bar and it is just so fun I go every time.  We got there around 9 and there was already a line to get in and limited seating – I’d say if you are interested, go around 8.  They start playing around 8:30, so then you’re more likely to get a table and seats.  We were there until it closed. Seriously, it was that fun.


So I flew out Sunday night, so we wanted to take it easy that day.  We woke up late and made a pancake breakfast of champions, and then headed out for the day.
Our first stop was Balboa Park, which I had been to but only briefly.  I really wanted to go and take it all in.  We stopped into the botanical garden first, which is a beautiful greenhouse with a bunch of different types of plants.  I took so many pictures! We just walked around the park for a couple hours really.  There’s food, and often there are some musicians and street performers.  It was a good day to be outside and stroll around.

After Balboa Park we headed into Old Town to get some tacos.  So honestly the best place for tacos is at Oscars in Pacific Beach, but we wanted to walk around some more and maybe do a little shopping, so Old Town it was.  We went to Cafe Coyote, which didn’t have the best tacos that I’ve had in San Diego, but they did have huge margaritas and warm homemade flour tortillas, so I was happy!  Afterwards we walked around all the little shops that all have the same touristy things.  We were in such a food coma we were basically sleep walking!  By the time we had walked all over it was time for me to go back to the airport.


Can’t wait to visit again 🙂  What are some of your favorite things to do in San Diego?



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