8 Uses for Apple Watch series 2

Hi!  So I am the proud owner of an Apple Watch series 2!  This post is not a review, nor is it to promote or try to convince you to also buy an Apple watch.  I just often get a lot of people asking me “what do you do with it?” or “what can it do?”

SO here are the 8 main things I personally use my Apple Watch Series 2 for:

  1. Working out.  Not just working out.  I use my watch for legit training.  I am training for a triathlon this year, and with the water-proof, GPS-enabled Apple Watch series 2, I can run, bike, AND swim with it.  It has been the easiest transition from my trusty Garmin.  HOWEVER if you are a stats and numbers person, this may not be the watch for you.  I rely purely on distance and HR training, and I find it is just what I need.apple-watch2
  2. Travel.  Apple watch is super handy if you are a frequent flier, because you can access your wallet from it. This doesn’t seem like a big deal.  But imagine that you are rushing to your gate, hands full of all of your luggage, and instead of having you free up a hand and pull out your ticket or your phone, you just scan your watch, right on your wrist, and you are on the plane.  See?  Game changer.
  3. #Fashun.  The faces AND bands of the Apple Watch are interchangeable.  You can set a picture as your background, and there are hundreds of different bands you can find on the internets.  The possibilities are endless!  Going back to my working out point, its nice to have a watch that can be both classy and elegant, and also a bad-ass workout device.applewatch
  4. Directions.  More specifically: on wrist directions.  One time while riding my bike, I got lost and couldn’t find my way around.  I was able to pull up Maps on my phone, find directions home, put my phone back in my pocket, and then be able to see where I was going right on my wrist.  Clutch for when you are on a bike.
  5. Daily events.  At work, I often have projects and meetings happening throughout the day.  Instead of having to pull up a phone or a day planner, I can just glance at my watch and see whats next and what time it is.  When you are on the go and trying to squeeze in workouts, this is an amazing thing.
  6. Apple pay.  Oh my god the most convenient thing on the face of the planet.  Also secure because the device is ON YOUR WRIST.  Many if not most places accept Apple pay here in the Bay Area.  Can’t wait for more companies to accept it!apple_pay_watch1
  7. Bells and whistles.  I use my watch for so many other little things.  I check the weather, I use it as a stop watch, I count my steps, I can voice-to-text on it, I can check instagram, answer a call on it.  There are so many little things that I use it for day to day.
  8. Minimizing screen time.  This sounds counterintuitive.  I have become less dependent on my phone with this device.  Knowing that notifications are going to come straight to my wrist means I check my phone less.  This is impactful just throughout the day, but also while in meetings, or doing things like driving.  If I get a text, I can quickly glance at my wrist and then either go back to what I was doing, or decide to pull over to address.  This has been the most profound thing I have learned having the Apple Watch.

Got an Apple Watch?  Got something else?  Tell me about it!  Post below 🙂

happy ‘watch’ing



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