My Favorite Things: January

Ever have those products or items you just want to rave to everyone about?  I do!  Here are some things I am currently obsessed with this month:

#1)  Bralettes by Lively: I came across this brand on an instagram ad, and thought they were so pretty I had to look.  Not only are they pretty, but they are so comfy!  I got these two patterns, and a solid black on.  They fit nicely, and don’t pull on the shoulders.  Bralettes are $35 each, or 3 for $75.


#2) Garnier Charcoal Blackhead Eliminating Scrub:  THIS SCRUB.  It works so well on blackheads that even my fiancé uses it.  My face feels so fresh and clean, and I finally was able to wean my skin off of benzoyl peroxide with this stuff.  You can get it at places like Target or drug stores for five or six dollars.


#3) Dakine Women’s Cruiser Kit: I am always on the go and squeezing in workouts.  This means that I don’t always have the time to shower, but I like having a kit to freshen up.  This toiletry bag fits everything I need for the day and traveling.  On a normal day, I have packed into it: my makeup, deodorant, extra contacts, a hairbrush, face wash (see above), hair brush, and a can of dry shampoo.  With plenty of room to spare.  It also has a hook so you can hang it up.  I pretty much just keep all my daily things I use in it, and keep it hung in my bathroom, and then roll it up and pack it when I’m ready to go.  Get it HERE for $40.


#4) Si, by Georgio Armani roller ball:  So I just can’t commit to having a full bottle of perfume, and I love the portability of roller ball perfume.  This scent is sweet and subtle, floral with a touch of vanilla, and my current favorite.  You can get it at places like Ulta and Sephora for $28.


#5) The Lake House, by Kate Morton:  If you haven’t read anything by Kate Morton, I suggest drop whatever you are doing or reading, and pick up either this book, or The Secret Keeper, or the Forgotten Garden.  Her stories are these epic mysteries that span over generations, and always end in a twist.  Trust me, you’ll be hooked!  Learn all about Kate Morton and her books HERE.


What are some of your favorite things?



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