10 Goals for 2017

It is my blog-a-versary!  And in honor of the new year and my 2 year blog-a-versary (and with a stroke of inspiration thanks to Julie & Julia) I am making a promise to myself to blog more.  So to start off my first post of 2017, and being a good opportunistic millennial, here is my list of my goals to accomplish this year:

  1. Blog more (duh)
  2. Learn to play the ukulele (for the record, YES, as of 3 weeks ago I do in fact own a ukulele.  A christmas present from my wonderful fiancé!)
  3. Play the ukulele in a duet with my dad on my wedding day.
  4. Je voudrais apprendre Française!  I downloaded the app duolingo, and have been practicing tout le jours.
  5. Get a personal best time for 13.1.
  6. Get a personal best time for 70.3 (hello IM Santa Rosa, 70.3).
  7. Learn MatLab & another form of code writing.
  8. Read more books.  My reading list coming soon.  Follow what I’m reading on the app Goodreads by searching for Juliane Young.
  9. Break Sydney’s pulling habit.
  10. Drink more wine (because we live in California, after all)


Happy New Year!



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