A Lot Has Happened

So I took a hiatus! Here is why, and what to expect from my little blog in the future

  1. I GRADUATED!  You may now call me Master Jules 😉  Just kidding.  But I am now the proud recipient of a Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology.
  2. I Moved to California.  Thats right, this Carolina girl is now a Cali girl!  I am currently residing in the Bay area, and I love it.
  3. I got sick.  Nothing serious.  I did have to have a minor surgery, and was off high impact physical activity for about 4 months.  This means my marathon I had planned on running this past November did not happen.

So basically, a GIANT move, plus new job, plus some minor health issues kept me pretty distracted.  However, I will be restructuring this blog a bit, to fully encompass my current lifestyle as a young professional.  Things to look forward to:

  1. Makeup and hair tips!
  2. Workouts!
  3. Races and reviews!
  4. Fashion!
  5. Recipes!
  6. Travel!
  7. Home and DIY!

Until then, I’m happy to be back on the internet.

Happy reading, again!

– jules


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