Easy No-Bake Cereal Bars

This recipe does require some heat, but its very very easy to make!  These bars are high energy snacks, great for bringing hiking, to the beach, or as a filling breakfast on the go!

Step 1: Gather the ingredients.  

  • 2 cups peanut butter (don’t get the all natural kind that separates, get the standard Peter Pan or Skippy.
  • 1.5 cups honey 
  • 2 of your favorite cereals
  • At least 2 fillings (nuts, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, anything you want)
  • Sprinkle of salt

Step 2: Add the peanut butter and honey to a small pot over medium heat.


Step 3: While that is melting, gather your cereals.  I choose two different flavors of Chex, because the boyfriend has Celiac disease, so we have a gluten free kitchen.  You can really choose anything, OR sub one of the cereals for dry oats.  In a 9X12 pan, mix 4 cups of Cereal 1 and 4 cups of Cereal 2 in the pan:


Once you come back to your peanut butter and honey, it should look like this:


Step 4: Give it a stir, and pour it over the cereal mix under every piece is coated.  It won’t seem like enough at first, but don’t worry, it is.


Step 5: Add your fillings.  I used whole walnuts


And chocolate covered raisins:


Press down into the pan until the top is completely flat, and refrigerate over night.  In the morning, sprinkle just a little bit of salt on top to cut the sweetness and give it a sweet & salty flavor.  All done!

Let me know what you think of these!

Happy snacking!

-Juliane, ACSM CEP


One comment

  1. Sounds really good! I make something similar but its these homemade granola bars. I used all natural peanut butter so it didn’t really stick together too well… Whoppsie.. I’ve made them with flax seeds and quinoa in them as well and makes it pretty wholesome and interesting in texture


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