Help me pick my next running shoe!

Hi everyone!  My training and miles are starting to pick up, and I’m a fan of having shoes on rotation to keep my joints guessing, and to allow my shoes time to decompress so that they will last longer.  I thought I would extend the invite to you bloggers:  What shoes should I get?

I would love your input, so comment below and if you can, tell me what makes it your favorite!  And don’t pick based on color 🙂

Here are my 4 options:

1) Asics Cumulus


2) Brooks Ghost


3) New Balance 890 v4


4) Saucony Mirage 4


If you have any other suggestions for well cushioned neutral shoes, please share!

happy shopping!



6 thoughts on “Help me pick my next running shoe!

  1. I like option 4 the most (solely based on design). I prefer Nike flyknits with a lunar sole though. It feels like you’re running on clouds.
    If you haven’t checked them out yet, you must. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the input! i’ve heard good things about new balance. I’ve been in the ghost before and now I’m running in the adidas energy boost, but i’m ready to review something new


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