In Defense of the Booty

The female posterior has gotten a lot of attention lately, thanks to leading ladies Iggy Azalea, Nicky Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez.  But aside from aesthetics, lets talk about why its healthy to have a, well, healthy-sized booty.


  • Muscle:  the largest muscle in the body is the Gluteus Maximus.  That muscle is important for moving your hips and thighs, so without it you wouldn’t be able to run, jump, or get around in general.  In addition, muscle is metabolically expensive – meaning your resting metabolic rate is higher, and you burn more calories throughout your day.  You don’t want just junk in the trunk though, keep up those squats and make sure thats a muscle you got back there.
  • Waist to Hip Ratio: Take your waist measurement, and then your hip measurement.  Divide you waist by your hip, and that ratio is you waist to hip ratio.  For women, a number higher than 0.86, and for men 0.95, has been linked to health risks such as metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.  If you’re good at math, you would have noticed then that you benefit by having a bigger booty.  Thats because in terms of where we carry our fat, its better to have it around the butt and thighs, than the midsection around your internal organs.  But remember all body types are different, and this isn’t a golden rule!
  • Attraction: We are all descendants of someone, and our ancient ancestors looked to wide hips and a narrow waist as a sign of health and fertility.  While that doesn’t matter so much anymore, we are still hardwired to be drawn and attracted to a bigger booty.  So therefore, if you got it, flaunt it!  And if you don’t got it, you’re beautiful too!

And now lets get those glutes burnin’!

  1. Wall squats:  With your back against a swiss ball on the wall, lean and roll the ball down the wall so that you’re in a squat.  This feeling of leaning/sitting back will give your practice for good squat form.
  2. Standard squat:  Keep feet shoulder width apart, and sit back like you’re sitting in a big comfy chair.  Don’t let those knees buckle or drift forward over your toes. Do 15.
  3. Sumo Squat: With feet shoulder width apart, take a wide step to the right to wider your stance and squat.  Stick that butt out!  Return to center and repeat on the left. Do 15 on each side.
  4. One-legged squat: Hold on to the back of a chair for balance if you need to.  With your left foot extended in front of you, lower yourself into a squat on only your right leg.  Keep those ankles and knees in line with your hips.  This will definitely be a challenge if you haven’t single legged squatted before!  Do 10 on each side.
  5. Jump squats:  From a standard squat position, swing arms up and jump!  Land lightly, back in your squat position.  Do 30 seconds of these!
  6. Pulse squats:  In your standard squat position, pulse up and down for 30 seconds.  Do again in your wide stance.

Happy squatting!



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