Review: the Adidas Energy Boost 2

Guys, let me first break it to you that I am a die-hard Brooks fan.  I have gone through about 9 pairs of the Brooks Ghost.  But I did it, I tried something different: The Adidas Energy Boost 2.  Read on to find out what I thought about it.

First, here is what I look for in a running shoe, which very well may vary from your personal preferences or strike pattern (if you don’t know your strike pattern, keep your eyes peeled, I will be posting about how to determine that very soon!):

  1. Stability – I am a neutral runner, so my ankles don’t roll inwards and I don’t need medial posting.
  2. Cushion – I’m a distance runner, and not about the minimalist lifestyle (I like to baby my knees, okay?!), so I like a could amount of cushion underfoot.  I’m a mid foot to heel striker depending on the terrain and my fatigue levels, so I like some heel cushion in there as well.
  3. Squish – While some people like a firmer shoe, I’m more of the squishy type.  I like to feel like I’m walking on clouds.
  4. Toe box– I have lost enough toenails to know that I like a nice wide toe box so that I have plenty of room for metatarsal splay.

The Adidas Energy Boost 2, I have this hot pink gem:


  • Stability – Neutral.  Check.
  • Cushion – Plenty.  This shoe is meant to hold up as well.  Instead of one solid piece of EVA foam like most shoes have, the Energy Boost 2 has little beads of foam that are melded together, so that each one breaks down at a different rate, giving these shoes a longer life.  They’ll last long enough to run my marathon in this May.
  • Squish – LIKE A CLOUD.  Instant comfort as soon as I put them on my feet.  And now that I’ve got a few miles on them, they are molded to my foot.  If you like a firmer shoe like a Mizuno or Saucony, this will definitely be too soft for you.  If your are more on the Brooks or Asics side of softness, you may like the level of squish.
  • Toe box – The ones I got have a new tech material rather than mesh, and I thought it was going to push down on my toes, or that I was going to rip right through it, but I haven’t had any issues.  The newer versions have apparently gone back to a standard mesh though because most people didn’t like the tech upper.  Other than that, the only place where the shoe tightens around your foot is the arch area, which I like.  I don’t like the feeling of having my laces pull on all parts of my shoe, as I like to feel like my foot can flex and move and respond to the ground.  So if you like a shoe that will hold your foot still, you may not like this shoe.
  • Overall impression:  This shoe has a good general aesthetic.  Its cute, and pretty sleek and slim and can easily be retired to being worn with jeans or to the gym on non-run days.  I would purchase this shoe again.  It took a couple runs for it to mold to my foot so that my heel would stay put, but I like how low it is around the ankles, and I love the cushion and minimal lacing.  I definitely wanna try it out with the regular mesh as well.

Now, time to lace up for my Sunday long run in my hot pink shoes!

happy running!



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