How to Quick-Change

Alright ladies, this ones for you:  How to quick-change from work to workout and back to work.  It requires some skill, planning, and a couple of products.

  1. Plan ahead
    1. Outfit: You want to wear some versatile pieces.  Since its cold and sweat isn’t as much an issue at the moment, I pair some black running tights with boots, and a sweater dress.  That way I can just change back into my top and shoes and be done.  In the summer time, tanks, dresses, and sweater sets are your best friend.  These types of layers let you cool off while you’re on the way back to the office before you throw something on to look more put-together.
    2. Jewelry:  If its a quick-change day, keep it to studs or nothing.  Less to take off, less to put back on.
    3. Make-up: Go light.  Moisturizer, maybe some foundation, and mascara, thats it.  Thats all you need to look wide eyed and awake for work, and it will be easy to touch up after a workout.
  2. Products
    1. Hair:  If you haven’t been introduced to dry-shampoo yet, allow me to do the honors. This is your new best friend.  As soon as you can, spray some on your roots to soak up the sweat and oil.  This should be your first step.  Let it dry while you get ready.  Pretty much every shampoo brand has their own version, but I like Not Your Mother’s the best.
    2. Face:  choose a gentle exfoliating face wash.  Make sure its exfoliating, to make sure you can remove whatever makeup got caked in various crevices, like the side of your nose.   Washing your face makes all the difference in feeling refreshed.  I like this apricot scrub by St. Ives.  Since you might be sweating, instead of layering foundation back on your face, try a moisturizing CC cream, that has some tint, but won’t cover up your post-workout glow.  This one by Physicians Formula is my favorite.
    3. Scent: I don’t completely buy into the pheromone phenomenon, and I’m sure your office mate won’t either.  Have an extra stick of deodorant on hand, and invest in a light body spray – NOT perfume, that will be too strong to spray on mid-day.  I’m a fan of anything by Bath & Body Works, since my mother buys me a litany of sprays and lotions every year for Christmas.  Pick whatever feels right.  Just remember, a light spritz.
    4. Back to hair: Once you feel clean(ish) and refreshed, brush the dry shampoo through your hair.  It should be a little powdery.  If you have dark hair, it may take an extra minute to blend, but you should have hair with volume that won’t stick to your head.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The concept of this post is not to replace the concept of showering.  Hanging out in sweaty gym gear can result in breakouts, odor, and loss of friends.  But sometimes its just one of those days, and getting some exercise in is better than nothing at all, so why let the fear of coming back to work looking a hot mess keep you from reaching your goals. Happy quick-changing! -jules


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  1. This concept has always fascinated me. A lot of people do the lunch break workouts!! I could never, I get too nasty too quick. I also only get 30min lunches soo…I just make it work before or after! HA. Good tips though!


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