Motivation time!

Today is an exciting day: I officially registered for my spring marathon, Rock n Roll San Diego!  The marathon is in May, so I’m registered for a warm-up half in March, the Knoxville half marathon.  Races races races!  So exciting.  Knoxville is pretty hilly, and my half PR is in the flatlands (R&R Savannah), but I train in the mountains so I’m sure I can pull out a good time.  For the marathon, I’m really trying to go for a BQ – thats a Boston Qualifying time, for all you non-running folk.  That is about 8 minute miles for me.  I ran 7:40’s this past November (in the flatlands) so I think I can pull it off.  The thing I’m having the most trouble with though, being in the dead of winter in the mountains, is staying motivated.  Here are my reasons why I’m unmotivated:

  1. Its cold.  Like face-hurting cold.  Cold temps slow down your body, so I have trouble hitting my paces, and it usually takes me half my run to really warm up and get a good stride going.
  2. Its dark.  I am very much solar powered.  I wake up with the sun.  I hate hate hate that its dark until 7 am, and then it gets dark again around 5.  I’m an outside runner, and I don’t feel safe running in the dark, so it really narrows the time frame I have to work with to get a run in.  Also its even colder during those times.
  3. I’m busy.  I’m in my final semester of my masters degree and it is really picking up steam.  Its a good day when I can squeeze in a 30-40 minute run.

Now, the best way to combat lazy winter season and the lack of motivation that comes with it, you need to be able to list more reasons to get that workout in than reasons to not workout.  So here are mine:

  1. I have a marathon coming up!  I didn’t pay 150 dollars to walk it!  If I don’t get my workout in, I miss out on valuable base miles.
  2. I’ll let my workout partner down. I have a run buddy, and we use our runs as our mental breaks for the day and vent to each other and talk out everything we’re going through for the week.  If I don’t wanna run, she usually won’t run.  So if I don’t work out, neither of us will be marathon ready.
  3. I’ll let my four legged workout partner down.  And she’ll drive me crazy if she doesn’t get a chance to run out all that energy!
  4. I have the gear.  I’ve got thermal tights, wind breakers, yak tracks, hats, gloves, hand and toe warmers…everything I could possibly need for a cold day run.  The cold is no excuse.
  5. I have the time.  I should really have a masters degree in transitioning from workout clothes to regular clothes.  I’m an expert at dry shampoo and quick changes (I’ll have a post on how to do this soon!).  So really, if I have 30 minutes, I have time to squeeze in a run.  Because a short workout is better than no workout.
  6. finally, I’ll feel better.  If I’ve had a rough day, which, I’m in grad school, every day is a rough day, getting a workout in will always make me feel so much better.  Plus, the worst feeling for someone who exercises regularly, is not being able to get a workout in.

So there it is, 6>3.  If your motivation is starting to drop off, make a list like this, and put it on your fridge, or in a note on your phone so you can see it everyday and when you’re starting to have that inner battle of “do I really need to work out today?”

Tell me! Whats your list?

Happy listing!


PS: run with me!  I’ve included links to both races I’m running in my first paragraph and below!





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