7 Moves with a Swiss Ball

Exercise equipment gets expensive.  So maybe you’re just getting into exercise, and trying to build your own home gym…or at least have a few things on hand for when you don’t make it to the gym. It’d be great if we could all have huge weight machines, treadmill, elliptical, and all of the kettle bells, but it adds up pretty quickly (kettle bells are charged by the pound!).  So if you’re getting into exercise, or need something to do at home on a rainy day, I suggest the Swiss ball.  So without further ado, behold, the full body Swiss Ball Workout.  Go through the circuit two or three times.

1) Swiss ball pass:  Works your core, back, and hip flexors and adductors.  Do 10 passes.sb1

2) Bridge.  While your on your back, hold this for 1 minute to work your back and glutes.  sb6

3) Hamstring curl.  Stay in bridge position, and bring that swiss ball towards you for a set of 10 to work your hamstrings.


4) Push up pike.  Roll over on your belly, and with your feet on the ball, push up, and with your legs locked, pike your butt up.  Do a set of 10, for your core and arms.


5) Plank tuck:  Hold that plank position after your last pushup, and bring knees to chest for a set of 10.


6) Wall squat.  Put that ball between you and a hard place, and squat to a 90 degree angle.  Do a set of 10.


7) Backwards Lunge: You’ll challenge your balance with this one.  Do 10 on each leg.


***please excuse my use of internet pictures instead of taking my own, I wrote this post between research subjects, and was therefore in professional attire and would look silly.

Happy ballin’!



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