Spin It to Win It

Guys, I love riding my bike.

I can’t express how great it is to just be outside in the sunshine riding your bike all day long. However, I am a wimp and just can’t cut the winter riding, so my trusty steed is up on the trainer November through March, and I hop on a couple times a week, or more if the weather is especially bad. As you can imagine, its easy to slack on the bike when you’re riding inside. But just because you don’t have any wind or hills doesn’t mean you can’t get some resistance in.  If you’re stuck on a trainer, or at the gym on a stationary bike, or you missed your spin class, try this 45 minute workout to get your heart rate up:

  • 5 min warm up:  don’t skip the warm up!  Keep it easy and the resistance low to get your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up.
  •  First block: 9 minutes.  Alright, bump up that resistance to a low to moderate grade.  Think of it like you’re going up a little hill. We’re going to do some single leg spinning.
    • 1 minute: right leg.  Unclip your left foot and let it rest, keep that right leg moving.
    • 1 minute: left leg.  Same thing, but with your left foot.
    • 1 minute: both feet.  Keep it spinning on that low to moderate grade.  Repeat this block 3 times.  After the third time, turn that resistance back down and spin it out for a 1 minute break.
  • Second block: 9 minutes.  Its hill climbing time!  Get ready to feel some burn.  You’ll do this set 3 times as well.
    • 1 minute: mild hill.  This is going to be up to your discretion.  Think of it as feeling like you are going up a little hill.  You should have your resistance up enough to have slowed down your cadence by about 5 rpms, and you should be breathing a little harder.
    • 1 minute: moderate hill.  Crank that resistance up more, this hill should feel like you’re pedaling through peanut butter.
    • 1 minute: Stand it up.  Crank up the resistance one more time, it should be up enough that you need to stand up to pedal.  This ones where you’ll feel the burn, keep it up!  At the end of your third set of block 2, crank the resistance back down and take a minute to spin easy.
  • Third block: 15 minutes.  Time to get fast, this last block is all about the cadence.  Crank back to your mild hill, you gotta have a little bit of resistance.  If you don’t have RPMs on your machine, or a cadence sensor on your back, go off of you’re rate of perceived exertion.  On a scale of 1-10, we want you to be about a 3-4 (moderate) on off periods, and 8-9 on on periods. You’ll be repeating this block 5 times.
    •  2 minutes: speed it up!  Keep your cadence between 80-90.  If you can’t hold this, turn your resistance down. If you are easily above 90, turn that resistance up.
    • 1 minute: off, bring your cadence down to 50-60.  This is your rest, so take sip of water, and get ready to get back on your horse.  Repeat 5 times.
  • Cool down: 5 minutes.  You made it!  You’re done with your workout, but keep those legs spinning for 5 minutes to give your body a chance to get your heart rate and blood pressure down before you stop altogether.

Happy spinning everyone!




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