3-minute Plank Challenge

For everyone who is bored with planks, and feels like it needs a little more of a challenge, try this one out!  Bonus points if you can do the whole 3 minutes without dropping your butt.

1 minute: regular plank.  While on your belly, lift up to a regular plank on your toes and elbows.  Remember to keep your core tight and your butt parallel to the ground.

30 seconds: right side plank.  Roll over to a side plank on only your right elbow and right foot.  Keep your core tight and straight, try not to let your side droop to the floor.

30 seconds: left side plank.  Switch sides and repeat on your left arm.

15 seconds: lift right arm.  Roll back to a regular plank, and for 15 seconds lift your right arm straight out in front of you and hold.

15 seconds: lift left leg.  Bring your right arm back to normal plank position, and lift up your left leg.  Squeeze your butt and keep your leg straight.

15 seconds:  lift left arm.  Bring left leg down and lift left arm and hold.

15 seconds: lift right leg.  Same as before, bring your left arm back to normal position and lift your right leg up for the last 15 seconds.  Done!

Happy planking!




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