10 Minute Core

Having a strong core is important!  Remember when we talk about core, we aren’t just referring to the 6-pack, we are talking about obliques, hip flexors and back.  Here is my quick core routine that I fit in after all my runs.  Short, sweet, and hits all the hot spots 😉

  1. 100 crunches.  Actually 4 sets of 25.  I do one set with my legs straight out in front of me, a set with my knees bent and feet on the floor, a set with my knees bent up in table top, and then with my legs straight up.  Take your time, consider this your core warm-up.
  2. 2X25 Russian twists.  Sit up and lift your feet up so that you are in a boat position.  Twist from your waist so that you are facing the right, and bring it back to center, and then twist to the left.  That is 1 rep.  I do 25 reps twice, with a break in between.  You want to do these with a good speed.  I usually do these with a 10 lb weight but start off without any weight because these are tough on their own!
  3. 12X2 stability ball pass.  You’ll need a stability ball, but if you don’t have one, start off doing this exercise unresisted because its particularly tough on the hip flexors and adductors.  Starting off unresisted will get you used to the movement.  Lying on your back and feet straight out in front of you, position stability ball in between your feet.  Holding the ball with your feet, lift legs up to a 90 degree angle, and crunch up to grab the ball with your hands.  Extend legs back out and bring the ball over your head and crunch back down.  Crunch back up and pass the ball back to feet and lower back to the ground.  That counts as 1 rep.  I do 12 2 times with a break in between.
  4. 2X1 minute bridge.  You should always have a back component to any ab workout.  Lying on your back, bend knees with feet on the ground, and while keeping shoulder blades on the ground lift up your butt and lower back and hold.  If you’re feeling good or its too easy, try it with your feet on the stability ball. I do this 2 times for a minute.
  5. 2X1 minute Plank.  I like to alternate this with the bridge.  Roll over onto your belly and lift yourself up to your knees and elbows.  Keep your core tight and butt low and parallel the the ground.  If you haven’t planked before or its been a while, you may need to work up to a minute.

If you haven’t done a core exercise before or its been a while, it could be difficult.  Remember to keep good posture, don’t strain your neck, and move from the waist, not the neck or shoulders.  You might be sore the next day, but your core usually adjusts to new exercises fairly quickly, so it’ll be easier the next time you do it!  I personally like to be a little sore, it makes me feel like I worked hard.

Let me know what you think!



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