“How to look like a Victoria’s Secret model”

Pinterest is a great source for workouts, especially for people new to exercise.  I’m finding it troubling however, that theres a significant number of pages claiming to get you that “Victoria’s Secret body.”  According to all of these articles, you can get their abs, the thigh gap, the long lean legs and arms.  Just do these squats 500 times or just eat a paleo diet or gluten free diet or vegan diet…it goes on and on.  Dear ladies, here is a news flash that you may or may not like to hear:  unless you are 5’11 with a naturally lithe build, you will never look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Like many other women, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a hallowed event for me and my girl friends.  We gather around the tv with snacks and watch, commenting on our favorite models, the beautiful lingerie, the over the top themes, and the lucky performers.  I do have friends that do not like to watch the show, however, saying “No thanks, it makes me feel bad about myself.”  Lets take a moment to identify and analyze the facts:

  • Models are naturally long and lean.  On top of that, they all have a litany of people helping them look their best: personal trainers, nutritionists, stylists, makeup artists, etc.  In addition, for the month before filming the fashion show, the girls undergo 2 a day boot-camp type workouts, and are typically on low carb, low fat, and sometimes liquid diets.  For the 24 hours before filming, they don’t eat or drink anything.  Thats not healthy.
  • We all know bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and will thus put on muscle and fat differently.  I grew up figure skating and thus tend to put muscle on really easily in my butt and thighs- there is truly no possibility of a thigh gap for me my friends, and I’m sure thats the case for most of you.  I also have an anteriorly tilted pelvis, so the most abs I’ll ever have is a 4-pack.  Bummer.

Lets reframe the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  Lets not make it a body-shaming, idealistic event, but rather a motivating one:

  • The models work out hard!  Lets all be motivated by their strength, not the appearance of their muscles or lack of body fat.  Go ahead, try that VS model workout on Pinterest.  Do it for the strength.
  • Lets be sexy!  Lets use this event as a reminder to own your sexuality and feel good about yourself.  Thats the point of lingerie isn’t it?
  • Lets be realistic!  Remember the girls are wearing layers of face and body makeup, plus self-tanners, plus hair extensions, and sky high stilettos. They don’t go out every day like that.  They  aren’t expected to and neither should you be.  Feel good in your own skin.  And then…
  • Have fun!  The models always look like they’re having a blast- they’re dolled up, they’re working it.  You don’t have to be a model to work it too.  If you feel good, you look good, and others will notice.  Be healthy.  Thats sexy.

So lets all accept that we are not Victoria’s Secret models, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for better fitness and better, healthier selves.



One comment

  1. Darnn. and I thought you had the secret.!(that’s the real Victoria’s Secret) haha nah I know, being happy with your body is way better than wanting to look like someone else 🙂


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