So I have started a blog

This blog is the result of failure.  Ok, that may be an overreaction, but I did not get a job I very much wanted.  So in my very first blog post EVER, I will explain myself and my purposes.

The first thing anyone will ever find out about me is that I love exercise and I love sharing my love for exercise and I will have many many reasons why every single person should exercise.  In particular, I love running, swimming, cycling, and am picking up some weight training (see what I did there?!).

I am a also grad student, studying clinical exercise physiology in the mountains of North Carolina, and am in fact just a few short months away from receiving my Masters degree, which, not to brag, will be my third degree, along with my BS in exercise science and a BA in psychology.  In addition, in the midst of those short months, while I will be graduating one school, I will begin a nutrition program and will be working towards becoming a registered dietitian, because really exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.

Now, the dream job?  Cardiac rehab.  Or any clinical exercise program.  I love my internship in cardiac rehab, and I want to use my degree in exercise, and my future degree in nutrition, to help treat and prevent cardiovascular disease in people who don’t know the first thing about exercise.  And even if you do know the first thing about exercise, theres a TON of things you probably don’t know.  Trust me, I’ve been studying it for 6 years now and I’m still learning.  So while I may not be able to do this immediately in the job I applied for and unfortunately did not get, I can and will take to the internet, and share with whoever will listen.

So that is the gist.  I’ll keep it short & sweet today.






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